Rabbit Love and Springtime

Spring is a marvellous time, blooming with new life and the air full of  floral perfumes.

No matter how cold it was, or even snowy, my dear mother was immediately full of optimism and conviction that Spring was just around the corner, the moment the precious Snow Drop flowers showed their simple but exquisite blooms. She loved Easter , spring-time garden cleaning and planting, especially large patches of Shasta Daisies and lettuce. She worked hard at attracting rabbits to our garden, much to the chagrin of our grumpy neighbours.

Our mother was talented and prolific Doll Artist. She gave my siblings, her grandchildren, and myself a deep love and appreciation for all the beauty around us, outside in indoors. Each one of us who survive here without her, have mixed feelings about this time of year, this April 2nd being the 10th anniversary of her death. April 11th was her Birthday. 

She made this Moth Fairy for my birthday 16 years ago.

My daughter and I had the wonderful gift of having spent many years living with her, learning her techniques in doll-making, sewing, beading, painting, knitting, reading and so much more. Not long after her grandmother died, my daughter made this beautiful rabbit bracelet for me with Japanese seed beads, the brilliant spirit of my Mum is always present in her creations. 


 My mother and I made dolls, fairies, mermaids and fantasy figures which we sold in Craft and Art shops in Quebec and Ontario. My mother worked full-time on her art, unlike me, and had a huge following of collectors for her work. I made one each of these rabbits for her and for my daughter 20 years ago. I thought it would look sweet with this seasonal Pandora bracelet .
Here are two more Springtime Pandora bracelets which are assembled for this blog with love for my mother and for my daughter. Our Easter traditions remain in our hearts, but we have new ways of celebrating Spring and Easter, fun and happiness tinged with sadness and loss. Today we went bead and crystal shopping together, as we often do, and had a great outing.

The first one has a focal Troll bead, (bought today),  surrounded by two Pandora opalescent spacers, two Essence “Wisdom” beads on an Essence bracelet.

This last photo is bursting with love for all  my current favourite Pandora beads and bracelets. Happy springtime! We saw our first rabbit in the garden three weeks ago!



Bead Hunters

My daughter and I have spent countless hours searching for perfect beads for various sewing and beading projects for over 30 years. Our favourite destination of choice is Beadfx in Toronto, (as well as roaming in and out of the beads stores along Queen St.). Check out their exhausting website to get an idea of all the treasure to be found there.

If you are on a quest to touch every single bead in the world, you will just have to go there yourself. They have the best selection of crystal beads, Miyuki Seed beads, pearls, beads from all over the globe and every type of beading supply you might desire. 


Today we set off for Kitchener and Exeter to check out the state of the Troll Beads dealers in those two locations. It was a disaster all around. Both stores are bereft of beads, as they are both selling off their few remaining pieces. We consoled ourselves with a trip to Chapters for coffee and cake pops and a good book each as a reward for our failed quest. Luckily I was wearing a Pandora bracelet full of pastel Murano glass beads and so was able to focus on them, as well as which book I would buy, based on the various recommendations of some of my Instagram friends, while sipping my cappuccino.
Recently I discovered the excellent Troll dealer in Brampton On., Earthworks.  Next bead foraging trip will see me on Hwy 407, the fastest route to their door! If you are interested in crystals of all sorts, that’s your place, too. George has his own sales technique which is very easy going, patient, not at all adverse to wandering off and leaving me to examine each and every bead with my Hubble telescope, to make sure I found the perfect specimen. Great pleasure is to be found in just rolling a bead around between your fingers and dwelling on its each and every facet!


Success! and thank-you Sam and George for your help. I will be a regular visitor there now, as they have a rewards card and, because I am discovering the joys of cross-beading, mixing and matching, and just playing, thanks to the ispirational posts of Martha on Instagram, and on her beautiful blog.  She’s my kind of enthusiast and true lover of all things bead.