Darling Buds of May

 May is one of my favourite months of the year. It takes mere weeks for new plant shoots to make their way out of the earth and for buds to form on the trees, but in what seems to be only three days over the Victoria Day weekend, there is such a flourishing and abundance of leaves and flowers that it is dizzying. 
I love the tiny details on the Pandora Mystic Floral silver beads and like them with the feathered clips at each end. The green Oval Lights are the colour of the tips of baby grass, and the centre bead is the teal Disney Jasmine’s colour.


Above are four of my favourite, now retired, Pandora Murano glass, Green Swirly Swirl, Green Zig Zag, Green Looking Glass and Green Ribbon. May is all about the new growth in so many shades of  glorious green. I also love the Dazzling Daisies on either end, they are big enough in scale and proportion to balance with Muranos.


Pandora does flower beads to perfection! The Darling Daisy Spacers above are a great example. I have yet to see another Murano Glass bead with the beauty, detail, colour and depth of design as I find in the Wildflowers bead in the middle of this bracelet. Lily of the Valley is one of my all time favourite Spring flowers, with Snow Drops coming in at the top of my list!


Wrinkly old skin aside, here is the threesome I wore the most over the past few weeks, (this photo was taken in the early morning sun as I left for work),  with slight changes each day because there are just too many other beauteous beads to ignore.

 As Emerald is my Birthstone, I do have some Emerald green beads. I will never tire of green beads, or stones and they blend so beautifully with pinks, purples, blues , yellows, oranges, you get the idea. Time to go outside to water my potted plants and smell the lilacs in the warm night air.


Beads in May

Spring in Ontario has been cooler than usual but flowers are blooming  in spite of the cold, and even snow!  I grew flower bead crazy, not a medical term, with each passing week , which was inspired in part by Pandora’s Spring collection.

These two beads are not new, but long-time favourites; the Lucky Cat sitting atop Field of Daisies.

The Purple Shimmer Murano was so pretty that I had to have two of them, also because it looks lovely next to the Blue Fascinating Irridescent , which is a glorious bead which I bought for myself as a Christmas present. It does seem to look beautiful with many of the older Murano beads. The flowers are from the Borage plant which has edible leaves and which always bloomed in our garden each Spring.

In the photo above, are more old mixed with new. Another Spring purchase was two of the small Pink Primrose clips, but am thinking I need two more because they are so sweet! On the top left corner is Wild Flowers Murano which is still my favourite and to its right, is Poetic Blooms. Pandora beads are superb in detail, craftsmanship and design, which can be seen in this close-up.

Finally, I put the  new Nostagic Roses between my two Purple Shimmer. On either side of the purple Muranos is the Daisy Meadow Lavender Enamel bead which is not a popular bead, although I have no idea why. I use them regularly because of their detailed work and pretty colour. I will never tire of it, but would love to see Pandora repeating it with other colours . Wishful thinking…. I just can’t get enough flower beads!