Three, or Four Pandora Bracelets

One beautiful bracelet should be enough for one woman, right? I think that if we have a “large-boned” build, we think that one is not enough. I feel that ways most days, but now that the sticky, hot weather has settled in for summer, I do need to rethink my favourite heavy, multiple stacks of bracelets.

Here’s a light, flowery and summery bracelet using my new Frosty Mint Shimmer and favourite Daisy beads. All photos are taken in the shade nowadays, as the sun is just too hot for me.
But, then, I waiver and add another. I usually wear one bracelet with three, four or five favourite Muranos and then build two complimentary bangles, because that’s a habit which is hard to change. Above, I have added the new Teal Shimmer and Teal Droplets to my collection.

This is an intensely shady photo as it was 28 C at 8:30 that morning. Two bangles instead of one, because I just prefer that look.

My neighbour’s cats enjoy my early morning photos. Here is another typical threesome for me, with Sophie on board. Two Frosty Mint Shimmers are better than one, obviously!


Then what happens is that I like to wear my Pandora Essence bracelets too, as they are very light and small. I’m having a bead love affair with the Shimmer Muranos.

Yes, four! Back to three.


 Very, very hot days force a more practical stack which gives the appearance of five, but is just three. Two leather and one Essence feels like one because they are so light.

Millie adores this light combo. 

But, Phoebe and I still prefer my usual threesome. 





 Blush Monroe was my first Elfbead and having nothing  as exquisite as this in my bead collection, I was bound to buy more and begin my new quest!  
As summer is finally here after a very long, cold spring, the garden is full of glorious flowering trees, shrubs and flower beds. All beads seem to glow right now! This photo demonstrates that photos taken in direct sun loose their subtlety .  

I do love the colour turquoise so the new Moss Silver Flakes had to be mine. Here it is framed by Jungle Dunes, and Pandora’s new Teal Clips,  this now being one of my favourite combinations on my Trollbeads bangle.

Mystic Scales is a plummy, red, burgundy, deep red cherry colour, well, one or all of those descriptions. It is a very changeable, chameleon-like bead depending on where it finds itself. It really is a tiny work of art.

Swamp Fireflies is another new bead in my Elfbead collection, I am in bead-love with this one. Here it sits atop a ring which my daughter made for me and is being kissed by my sweet Redbalifrog tree frog . As it has blue, purple and green swirled through the glass, and what appear to be tiny balls of gold glass, I find it looks wonderful in multiple combinations.

 I have been wearing it in this combination with my Pandora Green Oval Lights for many days. It compliments so many of the colours I wear in the summer and I like to think of it as being “stage-lit”.

These are just a few of my favourite Elfbeads. It is easy to order them From Great Lakes Boutique and also from the lovely Jennifer from her site,  It is even more of a treat to be able to select them in person, as I had the great fortune to do a week ago with my London On. bead friends.


Turquoise Beads

It seems a long while since Pandora released any teal and turquoise beads which have been as  exciting as the Teal Shimmer Murano on the right and the Teal Pavé Silicone lined Clips on either end of this bracelet, and I have had two weeks of fun with them. The White Shimmer in the middle has also been gorgeous, good fun.

 Above are three of my favourite, non-Pandora beads, two marvellous Elfbeads framing a retired Trollbead. Left to right, Jungle Dunes, Turquoise Green Dot and Ocean Scales.

Pandora’s Teal Droplets are brilliant, complex beads, as is the centre Elfbead, Sea Dew Drops. This is my perfect days off work bracelet!

The centre bead on the bottom bracket is the Pandora Jasmine Murano which is beautiful, too, but now as pretty as the new Shimmer Teal, in my opinion. The two charms framing it are very intricate bead-set cubic zirconias in a wonderful mix of teal, emerald and clear stones.

This is my Instagram post from today, which features many of my favourite teal and turquoise Pandora beads.

Finally, one of my turquoise, teal and green bracelet stacks from last week. I wear a variation on these bracelets quite often, and find it fun to try to change it up by working in pinks, mauves, blues, white and even, occaisionally, orange.