Soleil Beads

Recently I purchased a bead from Glass Artist, Hillary Campfield’s  from her website SoleilBeads. I ordered “Beach Flower”, on the left, because of its beautiful colour, and because I love flower beads, which I hoped would work well with my many coloured flower beads. The beautiful blue bead was a lovely surprise, as Hillary kindly added it to my order without charge. Imagine my excitement!

They are both much bigger than all of my beads but I am very happy with their beauty, colours and quality of craftsmanship. The colour of Beach Flower fits beautifully with many of my beads, which I had hoped, and it makes a wonderful focal bead. Above, it is framed by two Pandora Disney Tinkerbell beads and the gorgeous new Pandora Tropical Parrot. 

Today I went for a swim in Lake Huron, my favourite summer getaway on a day off work. See how perfectly the Blue bead fits with my Elfbeads Jungle Dunes. The sun was suitably blinding and thus the waves of heat coming from the sands have helped to make it appear like a mirage.

It is a rich, watery mix of blue and turquoise. I tried using both beads in various combinations on my Trolbeads bangle and my Pandora leather and silver bracelets with the following, lovely results.

I am very happy with these two spectacular beads and have been enjoying them, usually simply framed by similarly coloured glass beads, just so I can admire them unfettered.

Hillary posts new beads every Thursday  evening on her site, each one is unique and beautiful. I am now checking it regularly, waiting to find the next bead to add to my collection. I have to thank Martha and her beautiful IG account and blog post for featuring her own Soleil beads, which is what sent me hurrying over to Hillary Campfield’s site to make a purchase of my own.


Bead Frenzy

This beautifully beaded dragon is one of the many pieces for sale at BeadFX in Toronto. I was there yesterday after a lovely birthday lunch at a Thai restaurant in The Beach area of Toronto with my family. The lunch was in honour of my niece , Phoenix.  

The bead woven dragon is the work of an indigenous Mayan bead artist in Guatemalamala. To read about the company which imports them, you can go to their website  Tropic Options

My daughter and I love this store, it is definitely the best in our area for all bead supplies, really, all supplies, needles, silver clay, silver, gold wire, and every colour and make of beading thread imaginable.

There are dozens of panels throughout the store like this one! There are pearls, crystals , ceramic, semi-precious and glass beads from around the world. 

I foraged through baskets full of handmade lampwork beads by Toronto artists and came home with a couple of beauties.

I chose this tiny, beauteous treasure made by Carol Cooper, who happened to be working in the store that day!

It fits perfectly on my Pandora Essence bracelet. The dragon ceramic pendant will become a pendant on a necklace which my daughter is making as I write this. We always get carried away there, what we call our ” Bead Frenzy”, which many beaders can understand when  surrounded by millions of desireable beads, all in one enormous, wonderful store. The staff are very patient, and I am sure they’re used to people getting dizzy and flighty in their store.

On our way home we made a detour around a second traffic accident on the main highway and ended up in the amazing Trollbeads store in Brampton, Earthworks, which was also a very convenient excuse on my part!

I bought only one bead  there, Graceful Sky, and am very happy with it. It was a perfect day spent with family, my dear sister and niece and my daughter , who is my bead foraging companion. 

For a taste of Bead Frenzy…BeadFX