Beads on the Beach

I am so lucky to live only a 45 minute drive from this beautiful  beach on Lake Huron. I try to go once a week each summer to relax in blissful abandon. I used to just take a book, but this summer it’s beach, book and beads.

Here is a single Pandora bead, a Disney Ariel’s Colour Murano on the new Ice Blue leather bracelet. This combination really does mirror the lake on a sunny, summer day. I used the Olloclip to peak inside and it was amazing. It resembles the bubbling, churning, frothing waves!

The sand and pebbles make lovely backgrounds for bracelets with beads photos.

Yesterday was so hot, only the lightest combinations were comfortable. I love trying the Trollbeads Bee stoppers in any combination which will have them.

I always seem to put Muranos glass beads on every bracelet I wear , and just because I attempted this pretty combination of wonderful Pandora beads, does not mean I have lost my passion for them!

I had to create shade with my beach umbrella, which doesn’t make for great photos, but it was necessary.

Goodbye beach, until next week.


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