A Summersday Beads Love Story

In September of last last year I received a parcel from my dear IG friend, Nicole. I have been following her account @trolli_mutz  for a long time, and have always admired her brilliant, whimsical photos and beautiful beads. My fancy was particularly caught by her Summersday beads. The centre bead above is a Trollbead and the outside two are Summersday beads, my first two, which she sent me as gift. That is when my passion for Birgit Landgraf’s beads became a minor obsession.

Summersday beads are made by Birgit Landgraf in Germany, where Nicole also lives. She told me that she has been making beads for 11 years. Two years ago she left her job with an insurance company, to become a full-time bead maker. Shortly after she began a bead making class, she saw Trollbeads in a store and she “fell in love immediately”! She describes herself as “totally hooked on working with hot glass”. I have been obsessed with hand-made, lamp-wound beads for a long time myself, as a collector, and I have fallen in love with her work. I love flower beads, and Birgit’s are my favourites in my collection.

In the photo below, the three centre beads are Summerday. They seem to work perfectly with with these Pandora beads.

I now own 27 of her beautiful creations, and she is currently making a few more for me. Nicole has given me seven Summersday beads and has helped foster my love affair with Birgit’s  beads. I, like Nicole, (who has collected her beads for many years), am “hooked” on Summersday beads.

You can see her marvellous beads on her website SUMMERSDAY . I have scrolled through from her first post, to her most recent many, many times. If you are tempted to buy some for yourself, I suggest that you join her mailing list and get updates when new beads are added.

Above, left to right, the beads are an Elfbead “Blush Monroe”, Trollbeads “Seabed”, Pandora cerise Droplet, “Peachy Keen” Summersday, Elfbead “Wish Blush Pure”, “Indian Summer” Summersday, Pandora Droplet, Trollbeads “Sea Bed” and “Blush Monroe”, Elfbead.

I love Birgit’s choice of vibrant, intense use of coloured glass as well as her delicate and more subtle use of colour.

Above,  all but one are Birgit’s beads, (the top bead on the second strand from the left, is a Trollbeads “Aurora Flowers”)

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my next Summersday beads beadmail, and thank Birgit and Nicole for having added so much excitement and beadlove to my life.


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