Passion for Purple and Green

My passion for the combination of greens and purples began in the sixties when my family moved to a new home and my Mum encouraged me to decorate my new room any way I chose, no restrictions. I chose a wallpaper which was brightly coloured purple tulips  with intense green leaves row upon relenting row, on a white background. I only had that bedroom for a couple of years, and seem to have always sought to recreate the spirit and vibrancy of that room ever since. This quest is easily captured in my choice of beads and combinations for my two Instagram accounts which are devoted to beads.

This photo is a blend of Pandora beads, Pandora Essence beads, Trollbeads and Elfbeads. 

Here are my favourite new Summersday purple flowers and purple ribbon bead with two of my favourite Trollbeads ‘Mosaic’ beads.

The photo above is from my IG account @sarainak23 and is predominately devoted to Pandora beads and bracelets. The two silver flower beads with chalcedony flowers are the first Pandora beads I bought many years ago, and the Purple Field of Flowers Murano glass is one of my most recent purchases.

The addition of blue crystal beads is a way to soften and change the look of greens and purples together, as is turquoise.

The above is another of my favourite stacks of late, and I especially love the new green and purple enamel Hearts of Pandora bangles.

Here is one final photo which celebrates this love of colour combinations.

In my choice of fabrics for sewing and quilting projects, paints and wallpapers for decorating, flowers for my potted plants inside and outside and, for a shameful amount of my bead and jewellery collection, purples and greens abound.


2 thoughts on “Passion for Purple and Green

  1. What a beautiful collection of purple and green beads you have, Sarah! The Summersday beads are such a wonderful addition as they really fit in well with your other beads. That ribbon beads is simply marvellous!

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