New Pandora Bangle

Here is a quick look at the newly released Pandora Bangle. I am very excited to have one at last and it is all I hoped for, and more. In comparison to the Trollbeads Bangle, which I already own and love, I find my new Pandora Bangle to be equally comfortable and beautiful.

It has always irked me that I cannot wear Trollbeads on my Pandora bangles and bracelet, as well as other brands with smaller cores than Pandora, as I can wear Pandora beads on Trollbeads bracelets.

The little stoppers with silicone interiors are similar to Trollbeads stoppers, and they slide on and off in the same way. With Pandora’s design, there is a clever end cap which is easily removed with a gentle push upwards and slight twist to one side. As there is no need for threads on the ends, the tips are now small enough to style Trollbeads, Summersday beads and other brands on these Pandora bangles. 

@marthnickbeads asked me if the balls on the ends are comfortable on my wrist when resting on a surface, but, although I have only had one day to enjoy them, I have to say “yes”. The above photo also shows that the Trollbeads stoppers are almost twice as large as Pandora’s. Trollbeads stoppers do fit on the Pandora Bangle, but Pandora’s are too small to wear on the Trollbeads Bangle.

I have enjoyed interchanging different brands, Trollbeads, Pandora beads, Elfbeads, and Summersday beads on both bangles this evening.  For many years now, I have preferred wearing Pandora’s original Bangle with only one clip on it, secured in place with a silicone insert, or with just one bead and then one clip which matches the clasp, to hold the bead next to it. Now that look and feel which I enjoy, is much simpler and sleeker and I am delighted with the way it looks, with either one bead, or more.

I think it is so much fun to be able to mix more brands on different Bracelet options, making the combinations and stylings seemingly endless. Here are just a few I tried today. 

The new bangles are available in three  sizes and two styles. The one which I chose and is featured in this post, is the plain one which retails at $85.Cdn and the other has endcaps which have pavé-set clear cubic zirconias. They’re also very beautiful and retail at $140. Can. 

Let me know if you think you might add one to your collection, or if you have any questions about this new Pandora Bangle.