Pandora Summer Bracelets

Summers in Southern Ontario are hot and humid and wonderful.  I work as a manager of a Pandora Shop in Shop and truly love my job. I get to talk with amazing people every day who share some very personal and meaningful stories with me and I feel honoured to be part of those exchanges. I also get to play with beautiful jewellery and help customers to restyle and re-appreciate their collection of Pandora jewellery. I wear Pandora rings, earrings and necklaces and always, multiple bracelet at work each day. It’s easier for me to take photos of my bracelets than attempt to show my other jewellery in photos . If I were thirty years younger, I would attempt it!

For practical reasons, it helps me to show the different options of bracelets , and also ways to style them, but for personal reasons, it gives me so much pleasure to look upon them as I work. Summer brings out two impulses in me. I love brilliant, vibrant and intense colour combinations just as well as I love pale, cool and calm colours. Below is one of my favourite  vibrant combos which I posted on my Instagram account @sarinak23 

Another combo full of colours which I love is the next one.

Pandora’s Spring and Summer Collections for this year feature both bold and bright colours as well as pale and romantic colours.  The new Shimmer Murano glass beads are pale and lovely to gaze upon. The craftsmanship in these beads is exemplary. The middle bracelet from below is my absolute favourite.

Next is my favourite purple combination so far this summer, but there are many weeks to go….

The pale and summery stack below is soft, romantic and full of marvellously,  detailed  beads.

The Flamingo bead in the centre of this stack is another brilliantly designed and crafted piece of jewellery.

These last two summer stacks also show the beautiful details and shimmering quality of Pandora beads.

I am so fond of Pandora beads and truly enjoy styling them and sharing my enthusiasm for them with customers and my wonderful, engaging followers and those whom I follow on Instagram.  Do you have a favourite Pandora bead? Happy summer 2017 everyone!


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