Pandora Bella Bots

Don’t Robots bring back happy childhood memories? If you’re in your 30s, or younger, you’ve grown up with some pretty amazing robot technology. I’m almost 60, so the robot toys we had were mostly of the clock-work variety, a key in their back, or hip,( Barbie Doll legs didn’t bend when I was a child!). There were no hand-held game consoles until the late 1970’s. My dear younger brother, Michael, had one of the earliest, a “Merlin” electronic game and we, his much older siblings, were awed by it!

Robot toys were considered to be toys for boys, but not so much in my home. We older sisters loved to play with our brothers’ toys. My older brother, Vic, had the walking, beeping, sparking, eye-flashing early types of robot toys.

I collected miniature toys and dolls in my younger days and so, my joy in Pandora’s Bella Bots this Spring, is obvious.

I think it’s such a sweet and very collectible bead. It’s a fun piece for doll and toy collectors, as well as bead fanatics, and can be worn as a pendant if you don’t own a charm bracelet.

I thought one Bella Bot might be enough, but, I do more ” feeling” than “thinking”, and so, when the Pandora Rose Bots arrived in store, a couple of weeks after the Sterling Silver version, there was no doubt that a friend for the silver Bot was essential.

Bella’s head, arms and legs all move which is such an enchanting feature of this wee robot charm. Excuse this next photo for its poor quality, but it shows how she is constructed.

I am delighted with the knowledge that the “Bot” collection will grow very soon! The more friends the better. Robot, or A.I. driven interactive robot dogs are so much fun and so it seems likely that Pandora has one in the works. The Pandora Autumn collection will be released at the end of August.

Do you have a Bella Bot already? I’d be interested to hear how you feel about this endearing little Bot.